Hotsy Totsy Burlesque Tributes Planet of the Apes – June 25th Wednesday!

Planet Of The Apes Postcard
Joe The Shark and Cherry Pitz Present:
Escape From The Planet Of The Cherries
Hotsy Totsy Burlesque’s tribute to Planet Of The Apes and Charlton Heston

@ The Slipper Room (our new venue)
167 Orchard St, (at the corner of Stanton, on the second floor)
New York, NYC
Wednesday June 25th (& Every 4th Wednesday of the month!)
$10 for tickets go to
Doors 7:30 / Show at 8:00

For more information about Hotsy Totsy go to

Sponsored by Sailor Jerry Rum, offering drink specials and awesome swag!


IT’S A MAD HOUSE – The year 3978 AD and an Astronaut named Taylor has traveled through time to discover the world is run by apes. “Damn Dirty Apes!” Having met a hot chick named Nova, he has journeyed with her into the Forbidden Zone, where mutant humans worship an atom bomb out of their church in Grand Central Station. But a bit further south in The Lower East Side he has found a little show run by a pink haired babe from the future named Cherry Pitz. It is up to Cherry and the burlesque ladies to prove to him the planet is still worth saving – if they fail he will push that big red button and destroy the world.

With Acts By: Cherry Pitz, Chris McDaniel, Evil Hate Monkey, Jenny C’est Quoi, Tiger Bay & Vada James. Plus Apathy Angel warming up the crowd, Pearls Daily keeping everything neat and tidy & your host as Heston himself, Handsome Brad.

Hotsy Totsy Burlesque is New York’s only episodic, monthly burlesque show featuring a different script each month and a rotating cast — a high camp soap opera featuring some of the best burlesque talent New York has to offer.

Every fourth WEDNESDAY of the month, you are invited to the rec room of The Home For Wayward Girls and Fallen Women. The residents of the home need money to keep their hotel open and to buy G-strings and glitter. Sadly, the shows have had their technical difficulties and in the past as they’ve had to combat, zombies, gangsters, human-animal hybrids, televangelists and snake oil salesmen. The performers promise you beautiful, clothing-averse women, lots of laughs, spinning tassels, and flying underpants. So join us for Hotsy Totsy Burlesque at The Home For Wayward Girls and Fallen Women where the motto is “We’ve fallen, we can’t get up, and we like it that way!”

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It’s a feeling of having stumbled into a bar outside of the space-time continuum, where the best bits of sexy 20th century aesthetics (early jazz, false eyelashes, garter belts) have been gathered together for some smart and sensual dancers to play with. –

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